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The course provides a first research exposure leading to an Honours degree. Candidates will be expected to develop critical reading, analysis and research design skills, as well as to demonstrate good writing skills. The year commences with taught weekly evening sessions of three hours each during which research techniques are covered. The Department may, at its discretion, choose to cover some materials via a short full time block, not exceeding one week in duration. Once the basics are in place, students will select topics and prepare proposals.


The course is intended as a first research degree. It gives candidates exposure to conducting research in a rigorous manner and producing a sound academic empirical research report (mini thesis). It provides access to higher degrees, such as Masters and Doctoral programmes.

Content & Format

The course comprises taught blocks covering research methodology. Following this, candidates develop their own research, meeting regularly with faculty and peer groups. Students are required to present their proposal and their research findings.


This course is restricted to students admitted into the Honours in Information systems and Honours in Management Information Systems. Exposure to research methods and/ or statistical methods will be an advantage, but is not required.Evaluation

Candidates will be evaluated based upon multiple deliverables and the final report as follows:

  • Research Proposal - 5%
  • Literature Survey - 10%
  • Research Design - 10%
  • Presentation of Research Findings - 10%
  • Technical Report - 65%
  • An overall mark of 50% or better is required to pass the programme. In addition, a minimum of 50% must be obtained for the Technical Report.

Recommended Book

Research Methods for Business Students Latest EditionDr Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Dr Adrian ThornhillPrentice Hall, London

Fees and Other Costs

Refer to the Postgraduate Fees Handbook for costs. For all fee-related enquiries, please contact the Student Fees Office.

Course Administration


Course Convenor

Associate Prof. Wallace Chigona

Last updated : 06 Aug 2015

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