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Studying Information Systems at UCT

The Department of Information Systems’ mission is to be a leading African centre for research and study of information systems, producing world class graduates and research while playing a positive role in the upliftmen and empowerment of our community. This is only possible through the excellent endeavour of our academic staff, all with strong IS/IT background, in theoretical and research areas, as well as contemporary industry experience. Read more ...

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New professors share journeys and reflections
29 June, 2016

How long does it take to become a professor? Following UCT’s recent ad hominem promotions and as the university works to transform its academic cohort, this question is a moot point. Ten candidates share their journeys …

The often cited statement that it takes 20 years to grow a professor has come under scrutiny at a time when the university is working hard to transform its senior academic cohort.

There’s no cookie-cutter method, says Ulrike Rivett, the Department of Information Systems’ newest and first woman full professor and one of the 25 new professors named after UCT’s latest round of ad hominem promotions. It depends on when you do your PhD and when you start on the first of four rungs to the top: lecturer level.

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UCT Course paves the way for a career in project management
28 June, 2016

For aspiring Kenyan entrepreneur, Wanjiru Chabeda, the journey from Nairobi to Cape Town for her graduation at UCT in June, was worth every minute. It was the culmination of a year of hard work, juggling a career and an Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management at UCT.

Chabeda was among the first crop of 255 students to graduate from the year-long distance learning programme, the first of its kind at UCT. It was designed and convened by UCT Emeritus Professor Derek Smith, and run with GetSmarter, which partners with UCT in providing online courses for working professionals.

Chabeda’s mother, Isabel, and twin sister, Aleyo, who is studying towards her PhD in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UCT, were there to share in the celebration. To top it all, Chabeda had earned a distinction.

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It never gets easier. You just get better.
14 June, 2016

Completing a PhD is a bit like running a marathon – and Janine Joubert would know. Her PhD took eight years, 778 references and 637 pages to complete. This long-distance runner and CrossFit enthusiast speaks about what has helped her go the (academic) distance.

“Both long-distance running and CrossFit require competencies, discipline and a strong mental fortitude. This is exactly what is needed to complete a long-distance, mentally and physically gruelling thesis. As they say in CrossFit, ‘It never gets easier. You just get better.’ ”

One of 99 PhDs graduating this June, Janine was working at one of the continent’s largest mobile telecommunications companies when she decided to study one of industry’s big buzzwords – innovation.

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