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Studying Information Systems at UCT

The Department of Information Systems’ mission is to be a leading African centre for research and study of information systems, producing world class graduates and research while playing a positive role in the upliftmen and empowerment of our community. This is only possible through the excellent endeavour of our academic staff, all with strong IS/IT background, in theoretical and research areas, as well as contemporary industry experience. Read more ...

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The ESEFA project visits Uganda
19 September, 2014

ESEFA team members from the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Department of Information Systems, Karin Reissenauer (ESEFA project manager) and Gwamaka Mwalemba (ESEFA lecturer) took a 3 day whirlwind trip to Kampala last week to present the ESEFA programme to 12 academics from the College of Computing and Information Sciences and the College of Business and Management Sciences at Makerere University. Makerere University is Uganda's largest and second-oldest higher institution of learning, first established as a technical school in 1922.

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Kenya‚ Tanzania and Zambia get empowered in IS
07 August, 2014

The ESEFA (Enterprise Systems Education for Africa) programme’s main objective to train lecturers as well as students in Enterprise Systems (ES) has achieved a major milestone.

By developing a curriculum and delivering the training needed for the students to become SAP‚ ICT and ERP consultants‚ ESEFA will equip students with ERP skills to cater to the needs of expanding African markets.

A major project milestone was reached last month‚ as the first ESEFA Train–the–Lecturer workshop‚ using the ES Fundamentals core modules exclusively developed for the SAP UA African curriculum‚ was held in the Department of Information Systems in the Faculty of Commerce at UCT.

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Prof Van Belle is cream of the crop in Russia
28 June, 2014

The Faculty of Commerce at UCT has won a slew of Best Paper awards this conference season and the latest goes to Professor Jean-Paul van Belle‚ Director of the Centre for IT and National Development in Africa‚ in the Department of Information Systems.

Prof van Belle presented research conducted with his former IS Honours student‚ Charl van Zijl‚ at the 3rd International Conference on Innovation‚ Trade and Economics (ICITE) in Moscow earlier this week.

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