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Trade and Regulation Policy Group

Executive Courses

The Trade and Regulatory Policy Group is able to offer a number of formal executive courses. The staff are also available for short workshops with regulators and government departments on specific issues. Please contact Lawrence Edwards if you have a request for an ad hoc workshop. 

Current courses

There are Currently no new courses on offer

Previous courses

Applied international trade bargaining

Frontiers in managing reform and regulation of the electricity, gas, telecommunication and water industries

Economics of competition law

Applied international trade bargaining

The purpose of this executive course is to equip actual and potential trade negotiators and policy makers with the necessary theoretical, but more importantly, practical skills of trade negotiations, trade policy and strategic positioning. The course is based on the simulation of the WTO where actual rules, regulations and procedures apply. The course is largely Web-Based, which adds another interesting dimension to the competitive dynamics of the WTO simulation.

This executive short course will be offered in the first 10 days of July 2002. The course is a very intensive and will run over two weeks.

For more information on the course content <click here>. Further information on exact dates, fees, registration, accommodation and required preparation can be obtained from:

The School of Economics
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
South Africa

Tel: + 27 21 650 2733
Fax: + 27 21 650 2854

Or contact the programme convenors, Professor Don Ross and/or Samson Muradzikwa.

Frontiers in managing reform and regulation of the electricity, gas, telecommunication and water industries (3-8 March 2002)

The Trade and Regulatory Policy Group has joined forces with the Infrastructure Industries Reform and Regulation (IIRR) Management Programme at the UCT Graduate School of Business to offer some exciting executive courses on regulatory reform of public utilities. 

This intensive 5 day course is aimed at equipping managers and leaders in government, regulatory authorities, utilities and the private sector to strategically manage far-reaching restructuring and change in the electricity, gas, telecommunication and water sectors in Africa. The course also provides a detailed understanding of regulatory frameworks and instruments to achieve desired economic, social and environmental goals within the context of restructuring.

Topic areas

The five day course will cover the following areas:

  • economic challenges in the infrastructure supply industries;
  • review of electricity, gas, telecommunication and water sector reform and restructuring globally and in Africa in particular (parallel sessions);
  • factors driving these revolutionary changes;
  • the relative success and/or failure of these reforms in different social and political environments;
  • understanding electricity, gas, telecommunication and water markets (parallel sessions);
  • competition theory, policy, law and practice;
  • managing the introduction of competition and privatisation;
  • understanding natural monopolies, market failure and the need for regulation;
  • The challenges for competitive markets: sending appropriate signals for new investment
  • objectives of regulation;
  • evaluating different regulatory approaches;
  • principles and application of rate-of-return regulation;
  • principles and application of incentive regulation.
  • financial techniques: understanding and using utilities?financial statements.
  • determining the cost of capital;
  • how to conduct a price review:
  • tariff structures: pricing objectives, cost reflectivity, cross-subsidies;
  • politics of infrastructure reform;
  • promoting public benefits: social equity and the environment;
  • establishing new regulatory institutions;
  • strategic management of the regulatory process .

For further details of this course and how to apply, please go to the IIRR web site.   

Economics of Competition Law (18-20 March 2002)

This course is being run by the School of Economics and the Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU). The 3-day course will focus on the economic and legal aspects of competition policy and how they are applied in the case of South Africa. More specifically, the course will:

  • Develop the interface between law and economics in South Africa: The interface between law and economics is not as well developed as in many other countries. Law degrees in South Africa do not all require the study of economics, and economics courses focusing on Competition Policy rarely focus on the legal aspects of this economic policy area. This course may be a particularly appropriate learning modality for professional lawyers and economists who may not be able to make the longer-term commitment required for a Masters degree. 

  • Provide guidance for corporate compliance programmes: Since Competition Law covers all economic activity, the new legislation has become a concern particularly for the corporates. Many corporates are considering the introduction of corporate compliance programmes and require guidance in this regard. To this end, there are many aspects of Competition Law that can be explained and clarified in the course.

  • Provide an understanding of the interface between Competion Law and Regulation: All sector regulators have joint jurisdiction with the Competition Authorities - they require an in-depth understanding of competition principles and their relation to sector-specific regulation.

  • Provide insight into the provisions and requirements of Competion Law: Given that almost two years have elapsed since the new Competition Act was adopted, a considerable body of precedents has accumulated. This case material facilitates analysis of South Africa's Competition Law as well as augmenting and clarifying its provisions and requirements. 

This course is aimed at professionals who require a sound understanding of the economic concepts and principles that form the foundation of Competition Law. Click here for further details of the course.

Trade and Regulation Policy Group

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