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Each semester the SOE employs between 110 and 170 tutors who conduct hourly tutorials each week for students studying first, second and third year economics. In almost all cases tutorials are compulsory. Due to the impersonal nature of lectures it is a valuable time for students to clarify personal issues of understanding. Tutorials within the SOE are thus a vital part of the student’s learning and understanding process.

Recruitment & Selection

Tutors are employed through a rigorous employment process which tests their presentation skills, their understanding of the material, and their intuitive understanding of what it means to teach. They are required to complete a comprehensive application form as well as conduct a brief lesson in front of a selection panel.

Training and monitoring

The tutor’s training focuses on the practical skills needed in a tutorial, a deeper understanding of the learning process, and methods of maximizing effective learning within a tutorial. Tutors are monitored through feedback from the students through the course of the semester.

Applying to tutor

Applications to tutor in a given semester open towards the end of the semester preceding it. If you are interested in becoming a tutor for the School of Economics please email Richard Bryce, at