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Undergraduate Programmes

At UCT, as at universities all over the world, enrolments in economics classes are growing rapidly. An undergraduate degree in economics not only prepares you for entrance into the world of business, finance and management, but also provides an excellent background for those entering into the field of agricultural economics, international trade, the environment, public policy, education and health. Many economists trained at UCT have taken up managerial positions in the manufacturing, agricultural, mining, banking and financial sectors, and in several public enterprises and state departments.

The School of Economics offers the following undergraduate economics programmes:

(a) Philosophy, Politics & Economics Degree (PPE) (B.Com or B. Soc. Sci.)

(b) Economics & Finance Degree (B. Com.)

(c) Economics & Statistics Degree (B. Com.)

(d) Economics & Law Degree (B. Com.)

In addition, the School of Management Studies offers a Bachelor of Business Science (B.BusSci) Degree specialising in Economics. Click here for further information.

The Humanities Faculty allows students to major in Economics and one other subject in a general Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSci) degree. Click here for further information.


Postgraduate Courses

The Department of Economics is one of the largest and most successful economics departments in South Africa. With over 30 faculty members, the department is able to offer a wide range of postgraduate courses within the coursework Honours and Masters programmes. In addition to the general economics degrees, the department offers specialisations in Finance, Trade and Regulatory Policy, Labour Market Economics, and Economics and Demography.

In 2003 an exciting new coursework PhD programme was introduced i.e. the AERC Collaborative Programme. In this programme students take some courses in Cape Town and some in Nairobi over one and a half years and then write a dissertation. We also offer purely research-based degrees at both Masters and PhD level, as well as a popular part-time Honours programme in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management.

UCT’s postgraduate economics degrees carry full international recognition because of their carefully designed content, which makes them comparable with similar programmes abroad.


General Information

Term Dates: The Masters and Honours degrees commence three weeks prior to the official start of the University term ( The Masters degree ends approximately two weeks after the end of the second quarter. Please contact the Postgraduate Administrator for the exact term dates

Postgraduate Programmes
Honours Programmes

The School of Economics offers the following Honours Programmes:

The Departmental Honours Application Form can be downloaded here.

This form must be submitted no later than 31 October to the Graduate Administrator.

  • Masters Programmes
    The School of Economics offers the following Masters Programmes:

    Doctorate Programmes
    Please note that the closing date for the AERC Collaborative PhD programme is 31 July. Please note this earlier closing date.

    The School of Economics offers the following Doctorate Programmes: