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Honours Programme in Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management

CH018ECO009 Honours Programme in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management

Please note that this is a part–time programme.

Programme convener: Professor H Abraham

Course Information

As a general rule, a person will be considered for admission to the programme provided he/she is a graduate a recognised University and has obtained at least 60% in the major subjects in his/her undergraduate degree.

The following exceptions to the general rule are taken into account for accepting or rejecting an applicant:

  • An applicant may be accepted to the programme in cases where he/she falls short of the 60% mark‚ provided the applicant has demonstrated numerical ability (Mathematics and/or Statistics).
  • An applicant may be accepted to the programme despite failing the 60% criterion‚ provided the applicant has sufficient work experience in the asset management industry.
  • An applicant who maintains the 60% criterion may be rejected if he/she has not demonstrated appropriate numerical ability.

Programme outline:

The Honours programme aims to prepare students to participate as highly competent professionals in the financial sector of the economy. To this purpose the programme is comprised of a range of modules which include studies in economic principles of finance‚ analysis and interpretation of financial statements‚ statistical methods in finance‚ equity valuation‚ futures and derivatives‚ fixed income securities‚ portfolio management and securities legislation. The programme is structured such that the graduate should be able to analyse financial situations at an executive level; to manage financial portfolios; to utilise advanced quantitative methods to make financial decisions based on financial forecasts; and to interact between different professions to form financial strategies.

Duration of the programme: Offered over one year part–time. The programme begins in January and June. Prescribed curriculum/programme structure: The curriculum consists of eight courses (each counting 10% of the final mark) and an Honours essay (counting 20%). Each course is modularised for 4-6 weeks‚ with classes presented after hours. The Honours essay (ECO4106F/S) is restricted to between 8000 and 10‚000 words and must be undertaken immediately after the coursework‚ and completed within two years after admission to the programme. The total HEQF credits of this programme are 142. All subjects at level 8 in the programme listed below are compulsory.

Applciations for June 2013 are now open go to applyonline.uct.ac.za

Download CH018ECO009 Honours Programme in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management

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