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Course CodeCourse TitleView Info
ECO1006FEconomics for Non–SpecialistsView Info
ECO1007SEconomics For EngineersView Info
ECO1010FMicroeconomicsView Info
ECO1010SMicroeconomicsView Info
ECO1011SMacroeconomicsView Info
ECO1110FMicroeconomicsView Info
ECO1110HMicroeconomicsView Info
ECO2003FIntermediate MicroeconomicsView Info
ECO2004SMacroeconomics IIView Info
ECO2007SCo-operation and CompetitionView Info
ECO2008SDevelopment Economics View Info
ECO3009FNatural Resource EconomicsView Info
ECO3016FHistory of Economic ThoughtView Info
ECO3020FAdvanced Macroeconomics and MicroeconomicsView Info
ECO3021SQuantitative Methods in EconomicsView Info
ECO3022SAdvanced Labour EconomicsView Info
ECO3023SPublic Sector EconomicsView Info
ECO3024FInternational Trade and FinanceView Info
ECO3025SApplied International Trade Bargaining View Info
ECO4006FMacroeconomicsView Info
ECO4007FMicroeconomicsView Info
ECO4013SInternational FinanceView Info
ECO4016FEconometricsView Info
ECO4018WHonours Programme in Financial Analysis & Portfolio ManagementView Info
ECO4020SEconomic Challenges In AfricaView Info
ECO4020SEconomic Challenges In AfricaView Info
ECO4021WResearch And Writing IView Info
ECO4026SThe Economy And Its Financial MarketsView Info
ECO4027SThe Analysis Of Survey DataView Info
ECO4029SExperiments In EconomicsView Info
ECO4032SEconomics of Industry Regulation and FirmsView Info
ECO4051SDevelopment EconomicsView Info
ECO4052SEnvironmental EconomicsView Info
ECO4053SFinancial EconomicsView Info
ECO4100FSecurity Legislation and EthicsView Info
ECO4100SSecurity Legislation and EthicsView Info
ECO4101FCorporate Finance And Equity ValuationView Info
ECO4101SCorporate Finance And Equity ValuationView Info
ECO4102FPortfolio OptimisationView Info
ECO4102SPortfolio OptimisationView Info
ECO4104FFinancial Modelling And Statistics ModuleView Info
ECO4104SFinancial Modelling And Statistics ModuleView Info
ECO4105FEconomics ModuleView Info
ECO4105SEconomics ModuleView Info
ECO4106FHonours Long EssayView Info
ECO4106SHonours Long EssayView Info
ECO4108FFutures ‚ Options And Derivatives ModuleView Info
ECO4108SFutures ‚ Options And Derivatives ModuleView Info
ECO4109FAccounting For Portfolio ManagersView Info
ECO4109SAccounting For Portfolio ManagersView Info
ECO4111FFixed Income Security AnalysisView Info
ECO4111SFixed Income Security AnalysisView Info
ECO4112FMathematics And Statistics For EconomistsView Info
ECO4113SLabour EconomicsView Info
ECO4114SThe Economics Of Conflict ‚ War And PeaceView Info
ECO5000WDissertationView Info
ECO5001SThe Economics Of Private Impulses And Public CostsView Info
ECO5003FGovernance And GrowthView Info
ECO5011FQuantitative Methods For EconomistsView Info
ECO5020FAdvanced MicroeconomicsView Info
ECO5021FAdvanced MacroeconomicsView Info
ECO5023WMinor DissertationView Info
ECO5030SApplied Growth TheoryView Info
ECO5046FAdvanced EconometricsView Info
ECO5050SInternational Finance IIView Info
ECO5052SNatural Resource EconomicsView Info
ECO5057SLabour EconomicsView Info
ECO5062SApplied International TradeView Info
ECO5064SViews Of Institutional & Behavioural EconomicsView Info
ECO5066WMinor DissertationView Info
ECO5069SApplied Time Series AnalysisView Info
ECO5070SMicroeconometricsView Info
ECO5073FProblems Of Globalisation ‚ Industrialisation And DevelopmentView Info
ECO5074FResearch And Policy ToolsView Info
ECO5076SDevelopment MicroeconomicsView Info
ECO5077SIndustrial OrganisationView Info
ECO6000WThesis (Phd In The School Of Economics)View Info
ECO6007FMicroeconomics IIView Info