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NQF credits: 30

Fifth year status‚ second semester‚ two double lectures and one double tut per week.

Course co–ordinator: Professor Mike Morris

Entrance requirements: An undergraduate degree in Economics with a pass of 65% + and honours with 65% + in a closely cognate discipline or honours in Economics with a pass of 65%.

Course outline: 

This course introduces students to ’problem–driven’ approaches (compared to method–driven or theory–driven approaches). The course focuses on a selection of the significant global problems that especially confront the developing world analyzing their global and local determinants and effects. Students will be required to complete a short – approximately 1500 word essay – each week. There will be no final exam. Participation in the course (through seminar presentation and discussion) will count for 10% of the final mark.

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Essays and term paper counts 100%.    

Last updated : 18 Jun 2014

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