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NQF credits: 30

Fifth year status‚ second semester‚ two double lectures and one double tut per week.

Course co–ordinator: A Professor I Woolard

Entrance requirements: Honours in Economics.

Course outline: 

The purpose of the course is the development of applied research skills in the area of international trade theory. There are two key components to this course: (a) an overview of international trade theory‚ and (b) the application of empirical research techniques and trade models in international trade theory. The first component covers topics relating to classical trade theory‚ trade liberalisation‚ trade and labour‚ new trade theory‚ regional integration and globalisation. The second component is largely computer based and covers the estimation of comparative advantage‚ the measurement of effective protection‚ the use of computable general equilibrium models and gravity/regional integration models. Assessment is largely project based.

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Assignments‚ tests and examination count for 100%.    

Last updated : 18 Jun 2014

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