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NQF credits: 30

Fifth year status‚ first or second semester‚ two double lectures and one double tut per week.

Course co–ordinator: A Professor I Woolard

Entrance requirements: An honours degree in a relevant discipline.

Course outline:

This course looks at the political economy of three policies aimed at protecting human health (both individual and public): HIV prevention; tobacco control and the management of gambling. All entail dealing with biological processes (sexual behaviour and the brain–behavioural aspects of addiction to tobacco and gambling)‚ individual incentives and the broader social and policy contexts. The modules focus on developing countries (South Africa in particular).

Module 1: The Political Economy of Aids

  • AIDS Pathogenesis‚ Prevention and Treatment
  • AIDS and Sex and Poverty
  • The Political Economy of AIDS Policy
  • Modelling the South African AIDS Epidemic using ASSA2003

Module 2: The Microeconomics of Addiction

  • Introduction to the economics of addiction
  • Picoeconomics
  • Addictive consumption: chosen or caused?
  • Neuroeconomics of addiction
Module 3: The Economics of Tobacco Control in Developing Countries
  • A global overview of tobacco use and tobacco control
  • Price and tax
  • Advertising restrictions‚ clean indoor air policies and other tobacco control policies
  • Typical arguments against tobacco control

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Essays and term paper counts 100%.    

Last updated : 18 Jun 2014

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