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NQF credits: 14

Fourth year status‚ second semester‚ one double lecture per week.

Course Convenor : Malcolm Keswell

Entrance requirements: See admissions requirements for Honours in Economics.

Course outline:

The Honours course in labour economics intends to introduce a number of topics that are important for the analysis of economies in developing countries as well as our own. The course will focus on the following topics: labour demand and supply; informal labour markets and segmentation; unemployment and labour force participation; discrimination; child labour and household labour supply; migration and remittances; wage differentials; nutrition and efficiency; wages; centralised bargaining; labour markets and growth; labour regulation; schooling.

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Assignments‚ tests and examination count for 100%.    

Last updated : 15 Jul 2015

Staff Members on this course :

A/Prof Malcolm Keswell Associate Professor

021 650 4876
5.19, The School of Economics, New Building, Middle Campus.
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Research Area / Interest :
Applied microeconomics ;the dynamics of inequality;agrarian contractual structure and productivity; group-level effects on individual incentives.

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