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NQF credits:  14 Fourth year status‚ first / second semester course‚ two lectures per week.

Course co–ordinator:  Professor H Abraham.

Entrance requirements:  Graduate.

Course outline:

The Economics module takes into consideration the diverse background of the students in the FAPM programme.  Accordingly‚ the Economics module introduces the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics with a particular emphasis on applications. (a) Microeconomics perspectives– The economics problem‚ the operation of markets and price determination.   Industrial organization:  from perfect competition to monopoly‚ market structure‚ regulating competitive interaction in markets.

Controls‚ excise taxes‚ elasticity and industry responses:  a case study of the tobacco industry. Capital management:  a lecture will be delivered by a guest speaker.

(b) Macroeconomics perspectives–

The macroeconomic framework:  relationships and linkages.

Indicators of macroeconomic performance.

The structure of the South African economy.

Monetary and exchange rate policy in South Africa:  monetary policy‚ exchange rate policy and performance‚ regulation.

Economic forecasts.

DP requirements: N/A.


Examination   60%

Tests/Projects 40%      

Last updated : 18 Jun 2014

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