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NQF credits: 16

Fourth year status‚ first semester‚ one double lecture and one double tut per week

Course Convenor : Malcolm Keswell

Entrance requirements: See admissions requirements for Honours in Economics

Course outline:

The course studies the principal macroeconomic approaches towards understanding short–run fluctuations in aggregate output and the longer–term determinants of macroeconomic performance. Business cycles are investigated from a traditional Keynesian and New Keynesian perspective‚ complemented by a discussion on monetary and fiscal policy options. For understanding economic growth‚ the course reviews the basic Solow growth model as well as new growth theories. Infinite–horizon and overlapping–generations models introduce two important modern approaches to modelling economic growth.

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Assignments‚ tests and examination count for 100%.

Last updated : 15 Jul 2015

Staff Members on this course :

A/Prof Malcolm Keswell Associate Professor

021 650 4876
5.19, The School of Economics, New Building, Middle Campus.
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Research Area / Interest :
Applied microeconomics ;the dynamics of inequality;agrarian contractual structure and productivity; group-level effects on individual incentives.

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