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HEQF credits: 18

HEQF course level: 7

Third year‚ second semester course‚ 4 lectures and 1 tutorial per week. 

Entrance requirements:

ECO2003F and ECO2004S.

Course outline:

The aim of the course is to learn the basics of modern labour economics so as to understand some of the most crucial economic issues in South Africa and internationally (e.g. unemployment, inequality, migration etc.). The course covers a review of labour demand and supply; alternative approaches to labour economics and to the SA labour market; the economics of education and training; earnings inequality and discrimination; the economics of trade union collective bargaining; unemployment.

Lecture times: 6th period.

Additional information: Course information is disseminated by means of hand–outs‚ announcements at lectures and the notice board and Vula. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with all course information.

Course convenor:

Cecil Mlatsheni

Last updated : 19 Feb 2018

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