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HEQF credits: 18

HEQF course level: 5

Third year‚ second semester course‚ 4 lectures and 1 practical per week.

Entrance requirements:

ECO2003F and ECO2004S.

Course outline:

The emphasis in this course is to introduce students to new tools and techniques for quantitative analysis in the social and behavioral sciences. In this respect, it is aimed at students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in economics. The course covers two inter-related modules, and while the sequence may vary from year to year, the broad areas of study include the following: Module one: focuses on formal modelling tools for economists including multivariate calculus, linear algebra, comparative statics, and constrained and unconstrained optimisation. Module two: provides a broad introduction to cross-sectional and time series econometric techniques, cross-sectional and time series econometric techniques. During this course, students will be introduced to the Stata econometrics package. 

Lecture times: 2nd period.

Additional information: Course information is disseminated by means of hand–outs‚ announcements at lectures and the notice board and Vula. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with all course information. The course structure may change somewhat in 2011 – this is under discussion.

Last updated : 19 Feb 2018

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