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HEQF credits: 18

HEQF course level: 7

Third year‚ first semester course‚ 1st period Mondays to Thursdays‚ 4 lectures per week.

Entrance requirements:

Students must have completed ECO1010F/S/H/X and ECO1011F/S and ECO2003F and ECO2004S or a Science major at the 2000 level

Course outline:

This course has special emphasis on water use. The concepts, theories, institutions, analytical methods for economic evaluation of alternative resource use patterns and land use plans. ECO3009F explores the water economics literature by asking four questions 1) Is water scarce? 2) What is optimal allocation under scarcity? 3) How does one model water value in residential, irrigation and environmental use? 4) What are the problems with a market allocation of water? The course has a significant research component.

Lecture times: 1st period.

Additional information:

Course information is disseminated by means of hand–outs‚ announcements at lectures and the notice board and Vula. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with all course information.

Course convenor:

Beatrice Conradie

Last updated : 27 Mar 2017

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