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Course requirements:

ECO1010F/S/H/X and ECO1011F/S

Course Information

The course provides an introduction to development economics. It covers the major topics in thefield. These include the meaning of development; economic growth and inequality and poverty. Inaddition the course deals with resource mobilisation, agricultural and industrial development,globalisation and sustainable development. The discussion is both theoretical and applied withextensive use made of country examples. Considerable attention is devoted to key debates..

Specific Outcomes

The student who completes ECO2008Swill be able to:

  • Understand the main debates in development economics and be able to apply these theoretical tools in the study of developing countries.
  • Think critically about development issues whilst maintaining a consistent economic framework for analysing trade-offs and alternative development strategies.
  • Think carefully and critically about the concept of development and the various indicators of development.
  • Think critically about the pros and cons of state intervention in the economy with regard to developmental objectives.
  • ¬†Apply the theoretical tools of basic microeconomics and macroeconomics to a developing country context.

Critical Outcomes

The student who completes ECO2008S will have the following skills developed and reinforced:

  • Ability to understand the main conceptual tools and debates in development economics.
  • Ability to think critically about development with respect to the challenges facing developing countries.
  • Apply the tools of microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis to developing countries in a consistent, coherent and critical way.

Course convenor:

Djiby Thiam


Last updated : 19 Feb 2018

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