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HEQF credits: 18

HEQF course level: 6

Second year‚ first semester course‚ 3 or 4 lectures and 1 or 2 tutorials/workshops per week.

Entrance requirements:

ECO1010F/S/H/X and one of the following Mathematics courses: MAM1000W MAM1002W, MAM1010F/S, MAM1012F/S, MAM1004H, MAM1005H, MAM1006H, or STA1001F/H. Students will be allowed to register for ECO2003 concurrently with MAMA1010 or MAM1000 if they obtained at least 40% for MAM1000W. No concessions will be granted to students who obtained less than 40% for MAM1000W.

Course outline:

 The course formalises consumer and producer optimisation, and explores markets under perfect and imperfect competition. The course introduces the concept of uncertainty and how different agents respond to uncertainty. The course also considers industrial organisation, looking at models that relax the critical assumptions of perfect competition. All sections of the course incorporate applications.

Additional information:

Course information is disseminated by means of hand–outs‚ announcements at lectures and the notice board and Vula. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with all course information.

Course convenor:

Corne van Walbeek

Last updated : 27 Mar 2017

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