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HEQF credits: 18

HEQF course level: 5

First year‚ semester 1 course. Two double lectures per week.

NOTE: This course is designed for students intending to do only one semester of Economics. It is therefore aimed at providing a broad perspective on the subject‚ and concentrates more on an understanding of theoretical concepts and their application than it does on rigorous proofs and analysis. Only students who are registered in the Faculty of Humanities may register for this course.

Entrance requirements:

Only students who are registered in the Faculty of Humanities may register for this course or with special permission from the course convenor or head of department

Course outline:

This course comprises of both micro- and macro-economics.  Microeconomics focuses on individuals, be it individual consumers, firms or markets. The focus is on understanding the behaviour of these individual entities. Macroeconomics focuses on the economy as a whole. Rather than looking at the factors that determine an individual’s consumption decisions (i.e. his/her income, the expected utility derived from different goods and the prices of those goods), the focus in macroeconomics is on total consumption of all consumers in the economy. Similarly, the focus is not on the output decision of any individual firm, or even an industry, but on the total output of all firms in the economy as a whole.

Additional information:

Course information is disseminated by means of hand–outs‚ announcements at lectures and the notice board. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with all course information. NOTE: Credit will not be given for both ECO1006F and ECO1010F/S.

Course Convenor: Samantha Filby (

Course Administrator: Amy Jephthah (

Last updated : 13 Jan 2017

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