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Balance and blend – the new dean of commerce
23 March, 2016

When Ingrid Woolard threw her hat into the ring for the position as dean of commerce towards the end of 2015, it was with some hesitancy. The selection process had already gone two rounds and there was her research to think about – a body of work that has earned her a formidable reputation in government policy circles, but also has a good measure of personal significance.

As pro vice-chancellor for poverty and inequality, Professor Murray Leibbrandt, says, she is “without a peer as a producer of survey data and a top-cited economic researcher.”

Woolard cut her teeth as a data manager on the country’s first national living standards measurement survey in 1994, which the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) produced with the World Bank at the request of the ANC.

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A masterclass in negotiation skills
22 March, 2016

An audience of 200, comprising students, staff and two politicians, attended a forum established by the new director of the School of Economics, Professor Lawrence Edwards, and the former ambassador of South Africa to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), adjunct Professor Faizel Ismail.

Summing up, Prof Edwards observed: “I was interested in the nuances of how to resolve issues. It was fascinating to see the politics students asking about economics, and the economics students asking about politics … and the lawyers, well, they asked about law.”

The public lecture was occasioned by the first visit to Cape Town of the director general of the World Trade Organisation, Roberto Carvalho de Azevêdo, who is a long-term friend of Prof Ismail.

Prof Ismail’s PhD explored the role of South Africa in the WTO before apartheid. This was a fitting starting point for the afternoon’s discussions.

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Scholarship an opportunity 'to serve'
05 January, 2016

Economist Diederick (Dee) Ferrandi plans to hone his skill as a researcher at Oxford University and to return home to apply what he’s learnt to make a difference in the lives of his fellow South Africans.

Rhodes scholar Diederick Ferrandi relishes the challenge of studying at Oxford and looks forward to emerging from the experience a better person and better able to grapple with the problems facing South Africans.

In addition to his BCom majors, Ferrandi – better known as Dee – completed a major in philosophy with distinction. He was the overall top student in the BCom class of 2014 and will soon add an honours in philosophy to his honours in economics.

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