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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Registration Schedule for 2014

Undergraduate Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Both degrees are divided into a variety of programmes to cater both for the interests of our students and the employment needs of the country. The first year in both degrees is more or less common, for two main reasons:

  • all commerce graduates should have a solid academic foundation in a range of core subject areas: Accounting, Information Systems, Economics, Business Law, Mathematics, Statistics and Thinking About Business
  • we do not expect students new to university to finalise their degree or programme choices before being exposed to the disciplines at a tertiary level, so the more similar the programmes, the more flexibility students have to move around as they discover where their strengths and interests lie.
  • Both degrees are offered in the standard format or as extended programmes to students who may have experienced gaps or disparities in their educational or life experience. The BBusSc is traditionally offered over four years, but is also available as an extended programme over five years (called the Education Development Unit or EDU). Similarly, the BCom is traditionally offered over three years, but is available as a four year programme (called the Education Development Unit or EDU). It is important to note that, whether you spend three, four or five years doing your degree, your Commerce degree certificate will be the same, except to stipulate whether you have graduated with a BCom or BBusSc degree and the area of specialisation of the degree.

The UCT Application Form will require you to select:

  • A degree: either the BCom or BBusSc
  • An area of specialisation within the degree

This should be an informed decision, so please make use of all resources available to you in order for you to make the best choice for you. Read this brochure and the Undergraduate Prospectus carefully, contact the Faculty Office and talk to the staff there, or make an appointment to chat to a Student Advisor in one of the Academic Departments in the Faculty. There will also be academic and administrative staff available during registration and orientation to assist you if you still need assistance or reassurance then, and remember that the flexibility built in to the degrees offers you scope to change your mind.

Areas of Specialisation


This booklet briefly describes the undergraduate programmes of study available in the Faculty of Commerce. It does not replace the official Commerce Faculty Handbook and in the event of any conflict between this booklet and the handbook, the handbook will prevail.


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Student Advisors

Undergraduate Degrees Offered


Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc) 4/5 year Education Development Unit

Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc)
Actuarial Science Programme: Actuarial Science; Quantitative Finance

Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc)
Management Studies Programme: Finance (Non CA option); Finance (CA option); Computer Science; Information Systems; Economics; Law; Marketing; Organisational Psychology; Quantitative Management

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
3/4 Year Education Development Unit

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
General Accountant Stream; Chartered Accountant Stream; Accounting & Law Stream

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
Information Systems Programme

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) Stream; Economics & Finance Stream; Economics & Statistics Stream; Economics & Law Stream

Undergraduate Studies

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