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Admission Requirements

Entrance Requirements 2009

Please note that with the new school syllabus being applied in South African schools, there are now two separate rating systems for the differing certifications. For all those students who completed Matric in 2007 or earlier, please refer to the Senior Certificate (SC) entrance requirements. For those students who complete Matric in 2008 and beyond, please refer to the National Senior Certificate (NSC) entrance requirements.

The major difference between the two rating systems is that for the NSC only Mathematics gets double points while for SC points are doubled for both English and Mathematics, as well as for entrants with A, O, AS levels, IB and IGCSE.

UCT's current rating of matriculation results is as follows:

7 at 90% or better 8
7 at 80% or better 7
6 6
5 5
4 4
3 3
2 0
1 below 30% 0

Click on the relevant image below to view the rating system that applies to you: (Please note that these are guidelines only and do not guarantee admissions. Study offers may be limited for reasons of available capacity.)

               Entry Requirements 2010

For more detailed information regarding Commerce Admission Requirements, please refer to the Commerce Undergraduate Brochure. The complete UCT Undergraduate Prospectus is available here.

Transferring Students

You will be considered on the basis of your school-leaving results and your higher education results. Generally, you must have a good academic record and must submit an academic transcript with your application, or submit this as soon as it is available.

The Faculty of Commerce requires students wishing to transfer into the Faculty (either from within UCT or from other universities) to meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the minimum school subject and points requirements for Commerce.
  • Have a good academic record acceptable to the Faculty. It is unlikely that students who have failed one or more courses will be accepted. Particular attention will be paid to courses relevant to degrees in the Faculty and to the proposed programme.

AARP results may be considered where available.

Application for Credit Exemption

The application form can be downloaded here. (.DOC) (54.7 KB) (28/07/2009)


ENTRANCE EXAMS for transferring students

Please confirm with the programme convenor whether an entrance exam is required for your preferred programme/ major. To continue with any Financial Reporting courses at UCT an entrance exam must be written and the entrance criteria met as outlined in the Faculty handbook.

For example: The Financial Reporting (Accounting) requirements are as follows:

For ease of reference the entrance criteria are summarised below:
Entrance requirement for ACC2012W, Financial Reporting 2 is ≥ 60% in ACC1011S.
Entrance requirement for ACC3020W, Corporate Reporting is ≥ 50% in ACC2012W.
Entrance requirement for ACC3009W, Financial Reporting 3 is ≥ 60% in ACC2012W.

Students have the opportunity to attain these criteria through an entrance exam:
The entrance exam will be either the final examination paper or the supplementary examination paper in the Financial Reporting subject for which you are requesting credit and exemption.

NB: A student who wishes to graduate from UCT in a programme with an Accounting major is required to complete ACC 2012W and ACC 3009W/ 3020W at UCT

Process for students transferring from outside UCT

The student who wishes to obtain credits for University courses successfully completed elsewhere is required to do the following

    - Standard credits awarded are listed on the Faculty Website.
    - The student is required to liaise with the course convenor of the course for which he/ she is applying for credits and/ or exemption.
    - The student is required to produce the course outline and final exam paper.
    - The student is required to complete a credit and exemption request form and have this signed off by the relevant course convenors and programme convenor.

UNISA Credits list for 2010

The following list contains the various UNISA courses that are recognised at UCT for degree purposes:

  • UNISA Credit List (2011) - Click here (.DOCX) (221 KB) (21/01/2011)

Other than South African Qualifications

Your application will be assessed individually. If you have not completed Mathematics in your final year of schooling you will not be considered.

  • A-levels (University of Cambridge)

    • BCom applicants must have at least an A-level D symbol in Mathematics.

    • BBusSc applicants must have at least an A-level D symbol in Mathematics.

    • Actuarial Science applicants must have an A-level A symbol in Mathematics.

  • Holders of other qualifications are considered individually. A Scholastic Aptitude score of 625 for each of Mathematics and Verbal is required of holders of USA school-leaving certificates. IB Mathematical Studies at subsidiary level will not be accepted.

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