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NQF credits: 24 at level 8

Course convener: A Dhansay

Entrance requirements: B Com (General Accounting) degree, or similar (level 7) undergraduate degree in Accounting.

Course outline: This course covers aspects related to both external and internal audit functions, and governance within the public sector.  It includes aspects such as the design, analysis and evaluation of financial and related information systems for monitoring and control purposes; the design of internal control questionnaires; and implementation of an appropriate control environment.  Other aspects include the role of audit committees, other governance issues and frameworks, and the identification of acceptable professional conduct and behaviour.

DP requirements: A weighted average year mark of at least 40% for class tests, assignments and projects

Assessment: Tests and assignments 40 – 55%; final 3-hour examination 55 - 60% (integrated).

Last updated : 13 Jan 2016

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