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18 NQF credits at level 8

Fourth year status, whole year course, 2 lectures per week, 1 double period tutorial per week.

Course convener: R Mellon

Entrance requirements:

Pre-requisites: FTX2024F/S Corporate Financial Management. Concurrent registration with ACC3009W Financial Reporting III OR if registered for the B.Bus.Sc (Finance with Accounting), a concurrent registration with either ACC3009W or ACC3020W Corporate Reporting.

Objective: To enable students to integrate and contextualise the technical knowledge gained in their accounting courses within the South African business environment.

Course outline:

This is a capstone course which reflects on and integrates the technical subject matter included in the four core disciplines included in the Chartered Accountant Finance & Accounting B.Com and B.BusSc programmes (Financial Reporting, Managerial Accounting & Finance, Auditing and Taxation) in a highly contextualised and integrative manner. Inter-related aspects of these disciplines are traced through the Annual Financial Statements of several listed South African Companies, focussing on the analysis and interpretation of the results and disclosures, financial management and corporate governance of the selected companies, in the context of their respective business environments. Topic areas covered include the analysis and interpretation of company results, reports and disclosures in the context of the entity’s economic, industry, operating and business environment; preparation of financial forecasts and analysis thereof; valuations including consideration of relevant risks and assurance procedures; financial management, corporate governance and financial reporting aspects of a merger / acquisition and relating to a business in financial distress; capital structure, dividend policy, financing and cash management, risk management, corporate governance, internal control, disclosures and sustainability reporting of the entity; key reporting, governance and financial management concerns of certain specialised industries such as, banking, mining, pension funds, unit trusts, government / municipalities; report writing for a designated audience or from an appropriate role in relation to any of the broad areas covered in the course.

DP requirement:

Weighted average of 40% for tests and assignments and attendance at 75% of tutorials. Further details are included in the course documentation.


Tests and assignments 50%

Final examination 50%

Last updated : 13 Jan 2016

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