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Welcome to the College of Accounting

Welcome to the home page of the College of Accounting at the University of Cape Town.

The College of Accounting at UCT was founded in 1921. It has a professional focus under-pinned by sound academic process. We subscribe to the IFAC principles regarding professional and general education, which are consistent with UCTs mission of educating for life. Consequently quality is an uncompromising goal. Our graduates are in demand by the accounting profession and other businesses, and are found in senior positions in the financial capitals of the World. Notwithstanding the high levels we set, we provide access and support for under-prepared candidates.In 2012 the the Deparment became known as the College of Accounting.

Our goal is to engender life long learning among our students. We provide our graduates with sound technical skills coupled with the ability to apply these skills in settings, which require a broader understanding of the issues. We expect students to work hard, read widely, and to engage in substantial self-learning. Interpretative, analytical, and communication development is high on our priorities, as a result a carefully designed suite of projects is required in each year of study.


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