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UCT researchers honoured at ‘Oscars of science’
30 June, 2017

Four UCT researchers were honoured in the annual NSTF-South32 Awards which took place in Johannesburg last night. The awards, known in the South African research community as the ‘Oscars of science’, recognise and reward excellence in science, engineering and technology, and innovation in South Africa. If the calibre of finalists recognised at the awards is anything to go by, South Africa has a great deal to celebrate.

“The NSTF-South32 Awards offer us an annual opportunity to really celebrate the world-changing work South African researchers achieve,” says UCT Vice-Chancellor Max Price. “Every day, without much fuss and fanfare, these researchers conduct work that changes people’s lives for the better.”

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A safe space to speak
08 May, 2017

When asked to imagine what her university years would have been like outside the Education Development Unit (EDU), teacher’s assistant (TA) Lavhelesani Netshilindi is at a loss.“When I try to picture it, I don’t know,” she shakes her head.“I don’t think I would have survived.“It is for people like me that have baggage,” she explains. More than the bags of clothes she brought with her to UCT. Language, financial stress and culture shock are but a few of the difficulties she experienced.

The EDU staff helped guide her through her struggles with English and worked with her to build up her confidence when speaking the language. They also counselled her through her financial stress, so that she could focus her energy on her studies.Now, four years later and having recently passed part 1 of her qualifying examination, Netshilindi is well on her way to becoming a chartered accountant.

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Commerce caps off May graduations
06 May, 2017

It has been a week of celebrating excellence, as over 4 300 graduates were capped in 14 ceremonies during this delayed graduation season.

Commerce was the last out of the gates, with the final three of a total of six commerce ceremonies taking place on Saturday 6 May.

Graduands enjoyed the sounds of Blackroots Marimba which accompanied the academic processions. This was followed by performances by the South African College of Music.

“Today is a day of joy and we celebrate you and your success. Our world is fragmented. There seems to be so much that is wrong: wars, epidemics, poverty, inequality and discrimination and we seem to be moving from one crisis to the next.”

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