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Frequency of stock market trading reduces returns
13 April, 2017

Research has shown that stock market investors who trade frequently do so at their peril because trading frequently reduces returns. Due to the transactions costs involved, buying and selling shares costs money and the more you trade, the worse your returns. Curbing trading frequency should be a priority for investors and policy makers, but clear research on who trades frequently is needed.

An international collaboration between Gizelle Willows at the University of Cape Town and Dr Daniel Richards at RMIT University investigated the characteristics of frequent trading investors. In their study of 7 200 UK retail investors, they find that male and younger investors traded frequently. Also, investors who sought investment advice and investors who used stop losses also traded frequently.

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Winfield teaches ethical accounting
24 March, 2017

Associate Professor Jimmy Winfield, an accounting scholar at UCT, runs a course called Business Ethics which aims to open his students’ minds a little, he says. Winfield, who is one of six UCT academics to win a Distinguished Teacher Award for 2016, spoke to Yusuf Omar from UCT’s newsroom about his teaching techniques.

Why did you become a teacher? 

Well, when I was young I wanted to be an astronaut, an ice-cream seller or a teacher. When I got older, I discovered that South Africa doesn’t have a space programme and that an ice-cream seller needs his own bike. No, seriously: teaching is a noble profession and that is important to me. Of all the noble professions, it’s the one best suited to my qualifications and skill set.

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A/Prof Jimmy Winfield receives a Distinguished Teachers Award for 2016
24 February, 2017

Associate Professor Jimmy Winfield, from the College of Accounting, has been awarded a Distinguished Teachers Award for 2016.

Jimmy is an exceptional, thoughtful and reflective teacher. He was instrumental in designing and developing the business ethics course, which is now a core course for all undergraduate degrees in the Commerce Faculty.

Jimmy also conceptualised JumpStart as a learning intervention for first-year accounting students. The programmed is aimed at helping and empowering vulnerable accounting students on the chartered accountant stream to achieve their full academic potential.

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