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UCT builds capacity in public sector
14 June, 2016

The University of Cape Town has made a significant contribution to building skills in the public sector with its historic first class of 29 Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Accounting students who graduated in the Jameson Hall this week.

According to Prof Ilse Lubbe, the programme convenor: “The College of Accounting began offering the new Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Accounting programme for the first time in 2015. The College developed the qualification in response to critical skills shortages in the public sector, specifically in the areas of financial management, audit and governance and financial reporting. This is the first accounting programme specialising in the public sector at this level to be offered in South Africa.”

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Big dreams bear fruit
10 June, 2016

When Sibusiso Pinky Sibindi was still in Grade 11, she participated in the making of a Dutch documentary about five South African children. The film was called Leaving Mandela Park and looked at how music and dance could help them to overcome their circumstances.

Pinky was chosen because she was a dancer – the others were a rapper, a violinist, an opera singer and a drummer. The documentary followed their day-to-day lives at home, in school and in their communities and focused in particular on their dreams.

When Pinky graduates, the documentary makers will be there again to record her achievement, although in a discipline some might suggest is as far from the arts as is possible.

On 15 June 2016 Pinky graduates with an honours in accounting, and she has set her sights on becoming a chartered accountant – just one more step on the road to achieving her dreams.

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Own your story’ says BCom graduate Rosy Mudzanani
08 June, 2016

Despite living through many hardships while growing up in Limpopo, including being orphaned at seven and losing her only sister in her final year of study, Rosy Mudzanani completed her BCom degree in economics and finance at UCT at the end of 2015.

She is currently doing her BCom honours in financial analysis and portfolio management at UCT.

“Last year in March, my sister passed away … Last year was also my final year, but I told myself that I have to graduate, because I have a lot of people who are looking up to me,” says Rosy. “But I’m grateful for all the challenges that I went through because I would never be where I am today if it was easy. If it was easy, you would never be thankful.”

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